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The Arain are a Pakistani tribe who are found mainly in the Punjab province and also that of Sindh. They are chiefly associated with small-time farming or market gardening, with some being zamindars (landlords).

Arain (Delhi)

The Arain of Delhi are an Urdu speaking Muslim community found in Delhi, India. They are descended from the Arain community of Punjab and Sindh.. The Rayeen community of Uttar Pradesh also claim common ancestry with this community. They are also known as Choudhery ; Mistri ;Khalifa or Darogha.

Usage examples of "arain".

For not long after that Arain and Mera went off to the Great School, and I saw them much less often.

I was their brother, and though I adored them, Arain and Mera shared a closeness in which I had no part.

Yet Arain and Mera belonged to me as they did to no one else, for the blood of their veins ran in mine.

I have not forgotten those times of good company and good cheer, and the warmth of firelight on the fair and youthful faces of Arain and Mera.

Long after dark, when frogs and crickets had joined the song of the mighty river, Arain came from the temple.

My ears rang with the force of blood in my frantic heart, for now I knew as my sisters did that without some miracle, Arain would die in this quest.

I watched Arain hold her, silken hair mingling with silken hair, pale skin with skin, as if the two women were a single creature.

Jana was never able to punish her much for her various rebellions, and Arain made many friends among the other members of The Service.

I knew that Arain went into the earthworks, sometimes to fulfill the sacred and mysterious duties of the High Colonel, sometimes to fulfill her passion for knowledge.