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Arai (surname)

Arai (written: 新井 or 荒井) is a Japanese surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Akino Arai (born 1959), Japanese singer and lyricist
  • Alberto Arai (1915–1955), Mexican architect and writer
  • Etsuji Arai (born 1957), Japanese politician
  • Hakuseki Arai (1657–1725), Japanese scholar and politician
  • Haruhiko Arai (born 1947), Japanese screenwriter
  • Hideki Arai (born 1963), Japanese manga artist
  • Hirofumi Arai (born 1979), Japanese actor
  • Hiroyuki Arai (born 1958), Japanese politician
  • Iemitsu Arai (born 1955), Japanese politician
  • Ikunosuke Arai (1836–1909), Japanese samurai
  • Izumi Arai (born 1964), birthname of Japanese singer and actress Minami Takayama
  • Keni'chiro Arai (born 1972), Japanese male professional wrestler
  • Kenji Arai (born 1978), Japanese male soccer player
  • Kikuo Arai (born 1943), Japanese male golfer
  • Kiyoko Arai, Japanese manga artist
  • Kozo Arai (born 1950), Japanese retired soccer player
  • Maki Arai (born 1982), Japanese women's tennis player
  • Marie Arai (born 1981), Japanese female pair skater
  • Masaru Arai (born 1952), Japanese astronomer
  • Masao Arai (born 1949), Japanese male wrestler
  • Motoko Arai (born 1960), Japanese science fiction writer
  • Nobuo Arai (1909–1990), Japanese male freestyle swimmer
  • Noriko Arai (born ), Japanese female wheelchair racer
  • Ryohei Arai (director) (1901–1980), Japanese film director
  • Ryohei Arai (footballer) (born 1990), Japanese male soccer player
  • Ryōji Arai (born 1956), Japanese illustrator
  • Ryota Arai (born 1983), Japanese baseball player
  • Sasagu Arai (born 1930), Japanese Biblical scholar
  • Satomi Arai (born 1980), Japanese voice actress
  • Shigeo Arai (1916–1944), Japanese male freestyle swimmer
  • Shōgo Arai (born 1945), Japanese politician
  • Shota Arai (born 1985), Japanese male soccer player
  • Shoichi Arai (1965–2002), Japanese professional wrestler promoter
  • Takahiro Arai (born 1977), Japanese baseball player
  • Takako Arai (born 1990), Japanese beauty pageant contestant
  • Tatsunori Arai (born 1983), Japanese male soccer player
  • Tatsuya Arai (born 1988), Japanese male soccer player
  • Toshi Arai (born 1966), Japanese rally driver and team owner
  • Yuko Arai (born 1973), Japanese female fencer
  • Yumi Arai (born 1954), birthname of Japanese musician Yumi Matsutoya
  • Zack Arai, Japanese adult video director

Usage examples of "arai".

He had accepted the town from Arai, thinking it would make a home for his sons and grandsons.

Kikuta are stepping up their contacts with the Otori, both in alliance against Arai and to eliminate Takeo.

It seemed an even greater danger to her than anything Arai or Takeo might do.

My main fear was that if I stayed where I was for too long, I would be encircled by the Otori to the North and Arai to the Southeast.

We decided that now was a good time to send Kahei and Gemba to Arai to try to make peace of some kind for however short a period.

Miyoshi brothers set out for Inuyama to plead my cause with Arai, and I left with Makoto for the coast the day after.

Lord Arai has finished his campaign against the Otori, we may go to Inuyama in a year or so.

Miyoshi brothers and no reports on what either Arai or the Otori were up to.

If you think there is any danger that Maruyama will side with Arai when I am gone, send word to me.

I feared was a confrontation with Arai and some of the thirty thousand men he had under arms.

I believe in the long run, despite his apparent strength, Arai will not succeed against the Otori.

The failed attack on you had been reported to Arai, and I was recognized by the men who came with us to Shirakawa.

She had no intention of sending her sons to Arai or of ever sleeping with him again or of marrying Kondo.

I was grateful to Arai for having me treated like an Oton lord, one of his own class, and for not humiliating me, but I imagined he would either have me executed or order me to kill myself.

Whereas Shigeru had sought power because with it he could rule with justice and in harmony with heaven, Arai sought power for its own sake.