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n. nomadic herder.


Arad or ARAD may refer to:

Arad (surname)

Arad is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Avi Arad, current CEO of Marvel Studios
  • Atar Arad
  • Ron Arad (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Roy Arad, Israeli journalist, poet and artist
  • Yael Arad (born 1967), Israeli judoka and first Israeli to win an Olympic medal
  • Moshe Arad
  • Nava Arad
  • Yitzhak Arad, Israeli historian of the Holocaust
  • Uzi Arad
  • Zvi Arad
ARAD (Sumerogram)

ARAD, (also ÌR or NITÁ) is the capital letter-( majuscule) sumerogram for the Akkadian language word "ardu", for servant. It is used especially in the introduction to the Pharaoh: for example "To King, Lord-mine (of Gods(pl)-mine, Sun-god-mine), message thus Xxxxxx, "Servant-yours"-( 271). It is also used extensively in Amarna letter texts, the author, usually the "man of a city", (or scribe), where there is a constant reminder that he is a "servant", or "servant-yours"-(of the Pharaoh). Many letters are giving city-state status reports, but many are also requesting help with the Egyptian army troops-( Archers (Egyptian pitati), supplied by the Pharaoh).

Arad (see)

Arad was an Ancient city and bishopric and is now a Catholic titular see.

Usage examples of "arad".

Theluk stared challengingly at Arad and I saw Falkyr watching with hooded eyes.

Howice or Arad were there, and there was always a large number of brown-robed priests.

I sensed movement from the guards, but Arad signalled them to stand back.

She opposed Arad, Wellkeeper in Corbek, though he had great influence there.

Very admirable, that, but her coppery skin and her creamy, high-necked gownleaving nothing but her hands uncovered, yet clinging and only just barely opaque, so that it hinted at everything and revealed nothingmarked her just as clearly of the first blood of Arad Doman.

The two before Logain could not channel, yet even so the people of Kandor and Arad Doman remember them well.

The strangers have a great force on Toman Head, more than Tarabon and Arad Doman together may be able to hold, even if they can stop their own bickering long enough to work together.

Plenty of trade between Tarabon and Arad Doman, and hardly a Taraboner or Domani bottom to worry about.

But I believe it means the Dragon Reborn will appear somewhere above Toman Head, in Arad Doman, or Saldaea.

What do you think will happen when word of Falme reaches Arad Doman and Tarabon?

For the moment, Arad Doman was more than enough for any sane man to go on with.

Perhaps the man really was the Dragon Reborn, perhaps he really had appeared in the sky, but whatever the truth, those tales had set Arad Doman on fire.

Osana had vanished early in the troubles that now shook Arad Doman like a dog shaking a rat, and her servants had drifted quickly to others of her house, taking whatever places they could find.

He did not point out that Aiel sent to help the Dragonsworn were more likely to have appeared in Arad Doman itself.

Seanchan remain a threat to Arad Doman, if you will all pledge the same and fight beside me against them until they are beaten back.