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Vheod answered quickly, if only to keep Arach from asking a different question of him as well.

Gyrison opened his mouth to speak, but Arach held up a hand that silenced the round priest.

His driven pace took him away from the ruins without so much as a look back, which is why he never saw the enigmatic smiles on the faces of Gyrison and Arach turn more sinister.

Last Hope and the abandoned temple of the enigmatic Arach and Gyrison.

The Arachs were going to imprison you in a separate building, a place reserved for humans who have not surrendered to their will.

Alaire had a sickening feeling that the Arachs had come to the end of their patience.

The first six months were spent in Sorcere, learning the basics of magic use, and the last six, the prelude to graduation, saw the fighters in tutelage under the priest esses of Arach- Tinilith.

Few matron mothers wielded such power as did the mistress of Arach Tinileth, and what better way to flaunt Lolth's favor than to put a Baenre priestess, recently returned from the dead, at the very front and center of the cult's stronghold?

The headmistress of all the Academy, the matron mistress, and the other twelve high priestesses serving as instructors of Arach- Tinilith, including Drizzt's sister, sat cross-legged in a circle around the brazier.