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pre. (context organic chemistry English) (non-gloss definition: Forming classification names for classes of organic compounds that contain a carbon skeleton and one or more aromatic rings.)

Usage examples of "ar-".

Tales of brave knights and fair ladies, far-off lands, dragons and sorcerers.

And then, with a near-forgotten sense of reverence, he drew Rhianna into his arms and kissed her.

The shelter in the village now housed five women, two infants, a crippled old man, and a homeless ten-year-old boy, providing them with a place to live, clean beds to sleep in, food to eat.

The dig team was working in near-silence, kneeling on the ground on mats, working away at something with tools so precise they might have served for surgery in another era.

From there, Manoukhian had ushered Khouri into a lift which ascended with ear-popping speed.

They had the regulation sleep-stretch locks and the standard-issue star-effect tattoos, making Volyova feel simultaneously ancient and envious.

At odd times, the trees would click and reconfigure themselves, moved by what seemed to be million-year-old clockwork buried in pedestals.

She was accompanied by two women wearing ash-coloured wimples, a squad of float-cams and personal security wasps and a semi-transparent entourage of entoptics: nymphs, seraphim, flying-fish and hummingbirds, star-glitter dewdrops and butterflies, in slow cascade around her wedding dress.

Now, of course, she knew much more: what had happened around Lascaille's Shroud, and how Carine Lefevre's death was not the clear-cut thing he had made it seem upon his return to Yellowstone.

Not only had every star been accorded due prominence -- colours, sizes, luminosities, binary associations, positions and space velocities all represented with absolute fidelity -- but there were also star-forming regions, wispish, gently glowing veils of condensing gas, in which were embedded the hottening embers of embryo suns.

There were voids where there ought to have been stars, and stars which -- according to the accepted dynamics of solar-system formation -- ought to have had worlds, but which lacked them: only rubble, cold now.

The suits on Sky's Edge had been rare imports, purchased from Ultra traders who made stopover around the war-torn planet.

Although her conversations with Khouri suggested that she had been born in space, she had visited planets on more than one occasion, and had acquired the appropriate, near-instinctive reflexes which bettered the chances of surviving a planetary excursion.

Now she was tipping back into a near-vertical posture, while still moving forwards.

But the suit compensated by shifting near-infrared photons into the visible.