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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ar \Ar\, conj. Ere; before. [Obs.]
--Chaucer. [1913 Webster] ||


interj. (context UK West Country West Midlands English) (alternative form of arr English) n. (Latn-def en name R r) part. (context UK West Country West Midlands English) (alternative form of arr English)


AR, Ar or ar may refer to:

  • The letter R
Ar (Unix)

The archiver, also known simply as ar, is a Unix utility that maintains groups of files as a single archive file. Today, ar is generally used only to create and update static library files that the link editor or linker uses and for generating .deb packages for the Debian family; it can be used to create archives for any purpose, but has been largely replaced by tar for purposes other than static libraries. An implementation of ar is included as one of the GNU Binutils.

In the Linux Standard Base, ar has been deprecated and is expected to disappear in a future release of that Standard. The rationale provided was that "the LSB does not include software development utilities nor does it specify .o and .a file formats."

Ar (city)

Ar is mentioned in the Hebrew Bible several times as a city of ancient Moab . While the exact location is unknown, it is likely to have been in the southern part of the Arnon Valley, which is the present day Wadi Mujib gorge in Jordan. The city was one of Moab's most prominent, being listed by the prophet Isaiah in his denunciation of the Moabite nation . Matthew Poole suggested that "the city was seated in an island in the middle of the river".

The Bible speaks of Ar as being captured by the Amorite King Sihon .

Modern scholars believe that the word "Ar" likely meant "city".

Usage examples of "ar".

Headquarters 1850 M Street NW Suite 1040 Washington, DC 20036 202-833-5566 According to the association, 70 percent of outdoor advertisers ar.

Prince, Arber, and others, that the letter could not have been written on Sunday.

Bradford, and are not allowed by Professor Arber to forget--as apart of her refitting in Holland.

Murphy and Arber include him--apparently through oversight alone-- in the list of those of Leyden who did not go, unless there were two of the name, one of whom remained in Holland.

John Turner, as suggested by Arber, for he did not arrive till that night.

East and West Indian waters, compel a far different estimate of him as a man, from that of Arber, however excellent he was as a mariner.

There are still better grounds, as will appear in the closely connected relations of Jones, for holding with Goodwin rather than with Arber in the matter.

Upon him and his exhaustive work all others have largely drawn,--notably Professor Arber himself,--and his conclusions seem entitled to the same weight here which Arber gives them in other relations.

Neill is clearly of opinion that the Captains of the MAY-FLOWER and the DISCOVERY were identical, and this belief is shared by such authorities in Pilgrim literature as Young, Prince, Goodwin, and Davis, and against this formidable consensus of opinion, Arber, unless better supported, can hardly hope to prevail.

The consort was a pinnace--as vessels of her class were then and for many years called--of sixty tons burden, as already stated, having two masts, which were put in--as we are informed by Bradford, and are not allowed by Professor Arber to forget--as apart of her refitting in Holland.

Grossen Arber, the fourteen-hundred-metre mountain a few miles to the north.

He drove up the winding valley road, past turn-off signs to the Grosser Arber and the Kleine Arbersee.

M33, the Triangulum Spiral, roughly two point three five million lighty tilde ars away?

Ars sacra, Or chrysopoeia, or spagyrica, Or the pamphysic, or panarchic knowledge, A heathen language?

Cadmus asked, incredulous, his eyes passing from Ravyn to Arim in alarm.