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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Aquila \Aq"ui*la\, n.; pl. Aquil[ae]. [L., an eagle.]

  1. (Zo["o]l.) A genus of eagles.

  2. (Astron.) A northern constellation southerly from Lyra and Cygnus and preceding the Dolphin; the Eagle.

    Aquila alba [L., white eagle], an alchemical name of calomel.
    --Brande & C.

Usage examples of "aquilae".

Returning from the newly secured Beta Aquilae Sector, Roderick's flagship had still had its inner field activated as it passed the orbits of Sigma Draconis' outermost planets, and could therefore receive tachyon transmissions from Prometheus as soon as the planet's sensors had the ship pinpointed.

But Corin, Garth and Janille were looking at a two-week voyage to the Beta Aquilae Sector, where they hoped to find Roderick Brady-Schiavona or one of his high-ranking subordinates.

Something about how I'd be able to pay any debt I felt I owed, `At a star on the outskirts of what your Empire calls the Beta Aquilae Sector.

Our first and only priority is to get to Beta Aquilae and make sure there's a place under Ivar Brady-Schiavona for what's left of the Deathstriders.

At this point in the orbit, Fearless was pointed away from the local sun and in the direction of nearby Delta Aquilae.

Confederation Navy assault cruisers had brought an entire battalion of marines, and even the voidhawks were eager to see the huge Kulu Royal Navy Aquilae-class starships.

The radio scan of the region of space near the star Delta Aquilae yielded nothing but a flyspeck source of long wave radiation only slightly more energetic than normal background.

This planet, also planet one, circling what these people call Delta Cams Minoris near Procyron, ten and a half light-years from here, and planet three, in the system of Beta Aquilae near Altair, sixteen light-years from this place, were found to be suitable.

Lictori cedunt aquilae, ridetque togatus Miles, et in mediis effulget curia castris.