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init. air quality index


AQI or Aqi may refer to:

  • Air quality index
  • Al-Qaeda in Iraq: 'nickname' often used in American and other sources for Tanzim Qaidat al-Jihad fi Bilad al-Rafidayn, an Iraqi Sunni Islamic Jihadist organization affiliated with al-Qaeda
  • Australian Questioning Intonation, a feature of some accents of English
  • AQ Interactive, a former Japanese video game developer and publisher
  • A'Qi, a character from the wuxia novel The Deer and the Cauldron

Usage examples of "aqi".

The churning of its motors was so quiet that Naqi had long ago filtered the sound from her experience.

Apart from dead specimens this was the first time Naqi had ever seen a sprite this close.

There had been no official interview, but Naqi had met Sivaraksa a few weeks earlier when both of them happened to be in Umingmaktok.

Sivaraksa had been in an encouraging mood during the meeting, though Naqi couldn't say whether that was because she'd given a good impression or because Sivaraksa had just had his tapeworm swapped for a nice new one.

Her hair was the same pure black as Naqi's, but trimmed into a severe, spiked crop which made her look younger or older depending on the light.

Messenger sprites, Naqi realised -- but she had never seen so many of them moving at once, and on what was so evidently the same errand.

The Pattern Juggler biomass scurried and squirmed to evade the track of the shadow, and the peculiar purposefulness of the motion reminded Naqi of an octopus she had seen in the terrestrial habitats aquarium on Umingmaktok, squeezing its way through impossibly small gaps in the glass prison of its tank.

Satellites had detected its growth a week earlier, and Mina and Naqi had been sent to investigate.

To within a few minutes, it had arrived at the same time as the final message Naqi had received.

The tone of the message was conversational, in stark contrast to the businesslike response Naqi had received.

Science, as Naqi had long since realised, was as much a swarming, social process as it was something driven by ecstatic moments of personal discovery.

For hours Naqi and Mina studied the incoming results, the ever-sharper scans of the node appearing on screens throughout the gondola.

They discussed the results cordially enough, but Naqi could not stop thinking about Mina's betrayal.

Mina and Naqi took turns, one sleeping for two or three-hour stretches while the other kept an eye on the readouts.

During a lull Naqi climbed up onto the top of the airship and tried the antenna again, and for a moment was gladdened when she saw that a new message had arrived.