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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Apprehensible \Ap`pre*hen"si*ble\, a. [L. apprehensibilis. See Apprehend.] Capable of being apprehended or conceived. ``Apprehensible by faith.''
--Bp. Hall. -- Ap`*pre*hen"si*bly, adv.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

late 15c., from Latin apprehensibilis "that can be seized," from apprehens-, past participle stem of apprehendere (see apprehend).


a. which can be apprehended (usually in the sense of being understood)


adj. capable of being apprehended or understood [syn: intelligible, graspable, perceivable, understandable]

Usage examples of "apprehensible".

If the Universe is apprehensible to the human mind, then it must have some final laws.

It crept upside down across the window header to the left-hand corner, immediately lost interest in that territory, and returned to the right-hand corner, where it quivered and flexed its long legs and seemed to be taking pleasure from some quality of that particular niche that was apprehensible only to spiders.

Characters, to be immediate and apprehensible, must be presented by all three.

Suddenly the element of life became distinguishable, as apprehensible as electric currents, air and water, desire for happiness, earth, sky.