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vb. (obsolete spelling of appeal English)

Usage examples of "appeale".

 It  turned  out  to be Jules Verne  who most appealed to this bunch, and  so  they  became  the  Jules  Verne Society,  soon  shortened  to  the  JV.

It  appealed to the mountaineer in him,  the  physical  mystery of it.

Earely the morrow next, before that dayHis ioyous face did to the world reueale,They both vprose and tooke their readie wayVnto the Church, their prayers to appeale,With great deuotion, and with litle zeale:For the faire Damzell from the holy herseHer loue-sicke hart to other thoughts did steale.

None of these  appealed  or  was  possible while  she  was  stuck  in  her  hotel  room,  and  the  thought  of  running  up  more  transatlantic phone charges from  a  hotel  line  was  discouraging.

And AMOGing—or cutting a competitive male  cockblock out of a set—appealed  to  his  subversive  side.