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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Appeach \Ap*peach"\, v. t. [OE. apechen, for empechen, OF. empeechier, F. emp[^e]cher, to hinder. See Impeach.] To impeach; to accuse; to asperse; to inform against; to reproach. [Obs.]

And oft of error did himself appeach.


vb. (label en obsolete) To charge (someone) with a crime; to impeach. (15th-17thc.)

Usage examples of "appeach".

For when Cymochles saw the fowle reproch,Which them appeached, prickt with guilty shame,And inward griefe, he fiercely gan approch,Resolu'd to put away that loathly blame,Or dye with honour and desert of fame.

His wonder farre exceeded reasons reach,That he began to doubt his dazeled sight,And oft of error did himselfe appeach:Flesh without bloud, a person without spright,Wounds without hurt, a bodie without might,That could doe harme, yet could not harmed bee,That could not die, yet seem'd a mortall wight,That was most strong in most infirmitee.

He gan t'efforce the euidence anew,And new accusements to produce in place:He brought forth that old hag of hellish hew,The cursed Ate, brought her face to face,Who priuie was, and partie in the case:She, glad of spoyle and ruinous decay,Did her appeach, and to her more disgrace,The plot of all her practise did display,And all her traynes, and all her treasons forth did lay.

How Sir Mador appeached the queen of treason, and there was no knight would fight for her at the first time .

How Sir Launcelot came in the night to the queen and lay with her, and how Sir Meliagrance appeached the queen of treason Chap.

When Amant, the knight, saw him do that villainous deed, and his squires, they said it was foul done, and mischievously: Wherefore we will do thee no more service, and wit ye well, we will appeach thee of treason afore Arthur.

When King Mark saw he might not be revenged on them, he said thus unto the knight, Amant: Wit thou well, an thou appeach me of treason I shall thereof defend me afore King Arthur.

CHAPTER IV How Sir Mador appeached the queen of treason, and there was no knight would fight for her at the first time.