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Etymology 1 n. (context obsolete English) apparatus Etymology 2

vb. (context neologism English) To appear ''(magically)''; to teleport to or from a place.

Usage examples of "apparate".

Draco Malfoy Apparating into the space next to the dark wizard, carrying his broom still, smirking, He had heard what Harry said.

Apparate or DisApparate where you can be seen by Muggles or be recorded by Muggle devices.

He had just turned it upside-down to see whether it looked better that way when, with a loud crack , Fred and George Apparated at the foot of his bed.

He had nearly lost his balance as he Apparated onto the top step just outside the front door, and thought that the Death Eaters might have caught a glimpse of his momentarily exposed elbow.

He could not help remembering what had happened the last time they had Apparated to the first place Hermione had thought of – how Death Eaters had found them within minutes.

If Potter Apparates or uses the Floo Network, we shall know immediately.

It’s impossible to track anyone who Apparates, unless you grab hold of them as they disappear.

  Between graves, behind the yew tree, in every shadowy space, wizards were Apparating.

Between graves, behind the yew tree, in every shadowy space, wizards were Apparating.

Cattermole’s lack of a wand would prevent her Apparating alongside her husband – died in his throat.

It was therefore a full week later – once they had surreptitiously obtained hairs from innocent Muggles who were Christmas shopping, and had practiced Apparating and DisApparating while underneath the Invisibility Cloak together – that Hermione agreed to make the journey.

He’s made it an imprisonable offense to connect this house to the Floo Network, place a Portkey here, or Apparate in or out.