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Appalam (film)

Appalam is an 2011 Tamil language comedy drama movie from Malaysia. The film is directed by Afdlin Shauki, who also act in the film as supporting actor. This movie was remake of Malay film, Papadom.The comedy revolves around an over- protective father Samy (played by Gana), who has to play mum and dad to his only daughter Shruti (played by Raja Ilya) upon the sudden death of his wife (played by Jaclyn Victor).

The film became the first Malaysia Tamil movie to be shot in 35mm film format in 24 years. The film were released on 15 November 2011 at Malaysia, Singapore and Tamil Nadu, with critical acclaimed by critics. Appalam also emerge as the highest grossing locally produced Tamil film of all time in Malaysia before beaten by Maindhan in 2014.