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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Apocope \A*poc"o*pe\, n. [L., fr. Gr. ? a cutting off, fr. ? to cut off; ? from + ? to cut.]

  1. The cutting off, or omission, of the last letter, syllable, or part of a word.

  2. (Med.) A cutting off; abscission.


n. (context prosody English) The loss or omission of a sound or syllable from the end of a word.


n. abbreviation of a word by omitting the final sound or sounds; "the British get `pud' from `pudding' by apocope"


In phonology, apocope is the loss of one or more sounds from the end of a word, and especially the loss of an unstressed vowel.

Usage examples of "apocope".

His use of final vowels after the noun, and his rejection of the pronoun, which apocope in the Arabic verb renders necessary in the everyday speech of the people, told the Master he was listening to some archaic, uncorrupted form of the language.

Gately disastrously decides to go ahead and allow a nonviolent burglary to become in effect a robbery which the operative legal difference involves either violence or the coercive threat of same and Gately draws himself up to his full menacing height and shines his flashlight in the little homeowner's rheumy eyes and addresses him the way menacing criminals speak in popular entertainment d's for th's, various apocopes, and so on and takes hold of the guy's ear and conducts him down to a kitchen chair and binds his arms and legs to the chair with electrical cords neatly clipped from refrigerator and can-opener and M.