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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Apocopate \A*poc"o*pate\, v. t. [LL. apocopatus, p. p. of apocopare to cut off, fr. L. apocore. See Apocope.] (Gram.) To cut off or drop; as, to apocopate a word, or the last letter, syllable, or part of a word.


Apocopate \A*poc"o*pate\, Apocopated \A*poc"o*pa`ted\, a. Shortened by apocope; as, an apocopate form.

  1. 1 Shortened by apocope; lacking a final sound or syllable 2 (context grammar Arabic language English) jussive v

  2. (context linguistics English) To shorten using apocope; to remove the final sound or syllable