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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ The back panel looks very busy indeed, with inputs and outputs aplenty.
▪ The good ol' boys'll sell you tanks and planes aplenty.
▪ There are other elements such as national politics, local politics, intrigue, financial struggles and personalities aplenty.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1830, originally U.S., from a- (1) + plenty (n.). First attested in writings of J. Fenimore Cooper.


a. (context postpositive English) In a generous or overlarge quantity. adv. enough or more than enough.

Usage examples of "aplenty".

There were objections aplenty, I can tell you, and the debate raged on for quite a while, but in the end the needs of everyone in the Amalgamation had to come first.

Murder coming, yes, anachronism aplenty in the deep Cretaceous, but it was all the same to her and everything would come out even in those dark, sweet depths.

There were conical hats aplenty, some seemingly horned headpieces, and an endless supply of floaty scarves.

There are blue, black and huckle berries aplenty, and passion fruit with its lovely purple flowers.

Schemes aplenty, and those are what Nick, Elizabeth, John Roberts, Ripman, and even Kenny Randall have to stop, if they can avoid hungry tyrannosaurs and blood-crazed Mayans.

There would indeed be screaming and shouting and battling aplenty before the darkness came to an end, yet then, at the very beginning, no one of my warriors, at whichever entrance, voiced an unnecessary cry.

While there were vacant positions aplenty, none of those advertising for a clerk bookkeeper required a female bookkeeper who was a ticket of leave convict.

This far out, there was deadwood aplenty and no felled trees marking where folk from the village came out to get firewood.

There were always sounds aplenty when the gobbes drove their captives to some nearly always unprofitable labor.

What Drusus had not counted on was opposition from the Italians, but opposition from the Italians he had aplenty.

Back here in the Mesozoic, risk aplenty is available enough for those who can put up the price of admission.

There were troubles and bloodshed aplenty, mortals being what they were, but it was a golden age both for them and the Goddess.

Most of the basic tones were subsonic, sensed in the bones rather than the eardrums, but there were overtones and harmonics aplenty, a cacophony that somehow managed to seem both too bass and too shrill for comfort.

Here in Darre, with such a high concentration of presbyters, she had seen mistresses aplenty, set up to live in small houses close by the Amurrine Hill.

She had seen cutpurses aplenty in the streets of the Free Cities, during the years she'd spent with her brother, running from the Usurper's hired knives.