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Apgujeong-dong (; ) is a ward of Gangnam-gu in Seoul, South Korea. The dong originates from a pavilion with the same name founded by Han Myung-hoi, a high-ranking government official during the Joseon dynasty. It is an upmarket residential, fashion, shopping, and educational area. The Hanja name translates into "Disrespectful Seagull Pavilion," a reference to his nickname, which itself was a reference and a mark of his arrogance to his seemingly unlimited power he gained under King Sejo while he continued to pose as a servant, similar to the position of a high-flying seagull that lands when it needs to.

One of the main shopping area is Apgujeong Rodeo Street, along with Cheongdam-dong Fashion Street in Cheongdam-dong and Garosu-gil in Sinsa-dong, which are connected by the main avenue Apgujeong-ro. It is seen as a fashionable and trendsetting destination.