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a. 1 (context slang English) out of control due to anger or excitement. 2 (context slang English) awesome.

Usage examples of "apeshit".

The Army had to be going apeshit over the cylinder, the appearance of military police at a civilian motel was proof of just how desperate they were.

It was apeshit insanity trying to bore up into my forehead and spread through my brain like a metastasizing carcinoma.

Papa and the feds started really going apeshit, started pulling chains and rattling cages all over hell and creation, and you better fucking believe it, too, man.

When Cadillac found out that Clearwater had been put aboard Red River he would go apeshit.

The IAA will go apeshit when they find out we're on board Starpower 1.

So I go apeshit, an' I wipe up as much o' de pus as I can an' run screamin' to Uncle Dave He's readin' de paper inna livin' room.

Go ahead and fix my brain so I don't go apeshit after dredging up those old horrors.

They go apeshit whenever a busload of tourists churns up the Regolith.

Cee Cee couldn't look at Larry Gold,because she knew he was probably on the verge of a full-out stroke,that he would go apeshit over this, tell her what he always did, whatBertie always used to, that you didn't always have to say the firstsmart-ass thing that comes into your head .

Dud was afraid he'd go apeshit over some hooker snuff, 'cause White had that tendency where young stuff was concerned.

The press would go apeshit over a story of a murdering AI having taken up residence inside the net.