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The Collaborative International Dictionary

a. 1 Similar to an ape in appearance or movement. 2 Given to servile imitation.

  1. adj. resembling apes [syn: anthropoid, anthropoidal]

  2. being or given to servile imitation [syn: apish]

Usage examples of "apelike".

What seems certain is that about five million years ago, there was an abundance of apelike animals, the gracile Australopithecines, who walked on two feet and had brain volumes of about 500 cubic centimeters, some 100 cc more than the brain of a modern chimpanzee.

True demigods, as far beyond us as we are beyond these shaggy apelike fellows here.

The lower jaw was left jutting, and the face tilted back, so that these hominids lost the last trace of their ancient apelike muzzles.

Gil had a horrified glimpse of flat, semihuman faces under snarling manes of reddish hair, of hunched bodies and trailing, apelike arms.

There he sits, his trembling hand everywhere about us, his dim thoughts focused only on his own throbbing pain, while drops of sweat larger than supergroups of galaxies bead up on his apelike brow, rank with self-inflicted poisons.

If I had it to do again, I think I might have made them just slightly more apelike and less human.

It was not much more than half her height, with a skinny body covered with brown-black fur, long arms, an apelike head stuck over a narrow, conical chest, and a thin pink penis sticking out below its belly.

Honorius produced the skull that the Scythian had given to him, with its human face and apelike cranium.

Implosions: a shrinking forehead, a shriveling body, an apelike face, and at last the great anatomical redesign to restore the wide-eyed creatures that lived in the trees.

Kamahl remembered Seaton clearly, his huge, apelike brow and his fierce protective streak for his home.

When he heard a yelp of pain he went on squeezing, and so he could seem cruel in an apelike way.

He found most small children subhuman, apelike, and dangerously unpredictable.

The apelike trolls had massive shoulders on which they easily carried scaling-ladders, and each had a shield on the outside arm, with a war-hammer or axe dangling by a leather thong.

Before we could catch our breaths a swarm of black Tannese was alongside and aboard--grinning, apelike creatures, with kinky hair and troubled eyes, wearing safety-pins and clay-pipes in their slitted ears: and as for the rest, wearing nothing behind and less than that before.

When arranged in sequence, they show males and females evolving at different rates and in different directions—the males becoming less apelike and more human with time, while females from the same period appear to be moving away from humanness toward greater apeness.