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Apeiron (video game)

Apeiron is a Macintosh computer game developed and released by Ambrosia Software. A remake of the 1980 arcade game Centipede, it was first released in February 1995. In November 2004, the game was ported to Mac OS X.


Apeiron may refer to:

  • Apeiron (cosmology), a cosmological theory created by Anaximander in the 6th century BC
  • Apeiron (video game), a Macintosh computer game from Ambrosia Software
  • Apeiron, a defunct scientific journal and publisher of books on studies in "infinite nature".
  • Apeiron (philosophy journal), a journal for ancient philosophy and science
  • Apeiron, a small literary magazine dedicated to poetry, prose, and creative nonfiction
Apeiron (cosmology)

Apeiron is a Greek word meaning "unlimited," "infinite", or "indefinite" from ἀ- a-, "without" and πεῖραρ peirar, "end, limit", the Ionic Greek form of πέρας peras, "end, limit, boundary".

Apeiron (philosophy journal)

Apeiron: A Journal for Ancient Philosophy and Science is a peer-reviewed academic journal on ancient philosophy. It covers research in the area of ancient Greek and Roman philosophy and science, up to the end of the classical period (roughly the seventh century CE).

Usage examples of "apeiron".

Dionysia knew Ianthe Apeiron, and she did not ask his because it was irrelevant.

Indeed, the longer he gaped at Ianthe Apeiron, the more beautiful she seemed to be, beautiful within, beautiful without, beautiful in a way that was more precious because beauty itself was such an evanescent thing.

Ianthe Apeiron uttered a little gasp and staggered aside as he hustled through, out into the night.

None of the other players at the table had succeeded in capturing the wandering spirit of good fortune, but for the cachet of lingering near a celebrity like Ianthe Apeiron they continued to make their wagers.

Even this had to cede to the icy dread of new knowledge: Ianthe Apeiron was the sphynx.

Ianthe Apeiron might look as austere and untouched as an ice sculpture, but this bed and this man had another story to tell.

Gemma sitting on the couch beside this strange, doll-like woman with her heavy Puerto Rican accent, hearing her call Ianthe Apeiron a monster to her face, while the lady so accused placidly passed lemonade like a serving girl?

Novotny, is going to save the inhabitants of Angkor Apeiron from the consequences of your action?

The ordinary user is of course never going to hear of Angkor Apeiron anywhere and is therefore never going to look it up.

As he notes, the Greek word for infinity is apeiron, meaning unbounded, but also undefined, indefinite.

We made it up to catch such plagiaristic fish as you, and put it as bait for you within the great EG, and nowhere else in the great universe of worlds or information storage does Angkor Apeiron exist.