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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Apehood \Ape"hood\, n. The state of being an ape.


n. apedom.

Usage examples of "apehood".

Harun al Raschid returned to his very distant land where the populace did indeed enjoy a never-ending series of fart jokes, and Sinbad and Fatima were returned to human form after a most enjoyable apehood, and then were accompanied back to Baghdad by Achmed and his new bride, Marjanah, and all were showered with gifts from that elder Sinbad, who was rich again, at least for the time being, and was much relieved to see them.

Her eyes were smoky marbles in a bust of discolored lapis lazuli, and I regarded her at that moment as an angel of transcendent apehood, a woman well ahead of her time.

A third told of the return of the son, grown to manhood - or apehood or godhood, as the case might be - yet unconscious of his identity.

FirstBorn raised from apehood slip back quickly to the ape, and must toilsomely climb again.

A third told of the return of the son, grown to manhood--or apehood or godhood, as the case might be--yet unconscious of his identity.

Metamorphosis from terrestrial apehood to post-terrestrial status occurred in routine fashion.

To cast off apehood in five years and gallop through the whole evolution of mankind!

Some would be irrigated with tear gas, some would be driven into the ground up to their ears, others would be converted from apehood into something which passes muster as human.