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prep. (eye dialect of out English)

Usage examples of "aout".

He accepted their repudiation, became a Christian and took the name of Joseph Aout.

But inquiries next morning elicited the fact that Madame Aout had died without regaining consciousness and that on being told, the grief-stricken girl had accepted sympathetic ministrations for only half an hour.

He had traced as many of the Aout's acquaintances as he could and questioned them, sought the help of the police, and spent a considerable sum consulting every soothsayer in San Francisco's Chinatown, all to no avail.

Josephine Aout had vanished utterly, and there was not even the suggestion of a clue to her movements after she left the hospital.

It had been decided that the investigation should start at the Aout's home, which had been not in Chinatown but in a block of flats overlooking Golden Gate Park and just off Stanyan Street.

As Kao had visited Madame Aout before the tragedy, and later made himself responsible for the rent, the porter raised no objection to their request that they should be allowed to search it thoroughly.

Her father had cut himself off from his family and there is nothing whatsoever to suggest that any of Madame Aout's family live in San Francisco.

Madame Aout had been knocked down by a black Ford sedan at twelve-twenty, when crossing the road to re-enter her block of flats after doing her morning's shopping.

Since none of the latter circumstances fitted the case of Josephine Aout, all the odds were that of her own free will she had gone to live with some man, probably in another city.

All Madame Aout's acquaintances and all the Chinese students at the law school who were still in San Francisco or its vicinity were to be interviewed.

Kao Hsuan told me that he had contacted all Madame Aout's acquaintances and trades people, yet learned nothing of value from them.

As far as possible I am now checking up on their results, but in certain cases my indifferent English proves a severe handicap, and to make sure that they have left no known activity of Madame Aout's uninvestigated will take me a considerable time.

Do you think that, while continuing to respect the confidence we have placed in you to disclose nothing about our island, you could persuade friends of yours in the United States to exert sufficient pressure in official circles to have the Aout case reopened, and a nation-wide search instituted for this young woman who is of such importance to us?

Dulles tactfully refrained from asking his reasons for wishing to have Josephine Aout traced, and said that he would take up the matter in the proper quarter.

Josephine Aout was snatched within an hour of her mother's death on the orders of a gentleman named Quong-Yu, and he's the boss of the most powerful Tong in S.