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n. 1 address of record 2 album-oriented rock 3 adult-oriented rock


AOR may refer to:

AOR (company)

AOR, Ltd. (Authority on Radio Communications, Ltd.) is a Japanese based manufacturer of radio equipment, including transceivers, scanners, antennas and frequency monitors.

Established in 1977 when two radio amateurs decided to go professional. Based in Tokyo, Japan, they also have offices in the United Kingdom and the United States, and manufacturing facilities in Japan and the United Kingdom.

AOR (performance)

AOR was a performance by Jean Michel Jarre. Jarre became the youngest musician to see one of his works played at the Paris Opera, at its reopening on 21 October 1971. The reopening consisted of three ballets; the first and third ballet were set to classical music, AOR - the second ballet that night - was completely electronic. It was the first time that electronic music had been allowed to be used. Jarre even had to paint the speakers of his synthesizers gold to match the decor of the opera house. There he performed with the Paris Opera Ballet, choreographer Norbert Schmucki and musician Igor Wakhévitch, who co-wrote the music.

Jarre composed the music for two additional ballets: Le Labyrinthe (1972) and Dorian (a pas de deux) (1973), but it is currently unknown if he performed them as well.


Usage examples of "aor".

Amshaspands correspond to the Aor, Zohar, Zayo, of the Kabalah, 740-l.

Light, Fire, Flame, the Aor of the Deity, manifested in flame, out of the fire, 740-l.

Aor Mupala, Wonderful or Hidden Light undisplayed, the Will of Deity, 740-l.