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AOM is a commonly used acronym for the following subjects:

  • Academy of Management, a professional association for scholars of management and organizations
  • Acousto-optic modulator, a device used in optics to shift the angle, intensity, frequency or phase of light
  • Acute otitis media, inflammation of the middle ear
  • Age of Mythology, a real-time strategy video game
  • Aircraft Operating Manual, a manual containing details of the aircraft system and other material relevant to the operation of aircraft
  • Anaerobic oxidation of methane, an enigmatic microbiological process occurring in marine sediments
  • AOM French Airlines, also known as AOM, a former French airline, partly acquired by Swissair
  • Application Object Model, the JavaScript interface in Mozilla for manipulating the application
  • Art of Movement, a Seattle-based b-boy crew.
  • Associate-O-Matic, also known as AOM, a store building web application for Amazon Associates
  • Automatic order matching used by stock exchanges to electronically match by and sell orders
  • Avatar Orchestra Metaverse, a group who use Second Life to create online musical performances
  • Aviation Ordnanceman, a U.S. Navy rank
  • Award of Merit, a designation achieved by dogs at a conformation show
  • Azoxymethane, a potent carcinogen
  • Alliance for Open Media, a non-profit association of technology companies that develops an open, royalty-free video format