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a. (alternative spelling of A-okay English)


AOK is a North American term, used to infer good order or condition; all right. It may also refer to:

  • AOK (album), Mandaryna's album
  • AOK Kerkyra, a Greek football club
  • A.O. Karditsa F.C., a Greek football club commonly called by their abbreviated name "AOK"
  • Karpathos Island National Airport, IATA airport code
  • A-ok, hand signal
  • Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings, computer game
  • Age of Empires: The Age of Kings, Nintendo DS game
  • Allgemeine Ortskrankenkasse, a German health insurer
  • Oklahoma Atheists, a group of atheists in Oklahoma City
  • Armeeoberkommando, the name of various army commands in the Austro-Hungarian army and German army, especially in the world wars
  • Assisted-opening knife
AOK (album)

AOK is a studio album by Polish singer and dancer Mandaryna, released in 2009.