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1915, acronym of Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. First used in reference to the Gallipoli campaign.


alt. (initialism of English) n. A soldier from the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (1914-1918). n. (initialism of English)

ANZAC (disambiguation)

ANZAC is an acronym for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps

ANZAC or Anzac may also refer to:

The ANZAC acronym
ANZAC (acronym)

The ANZAC acronym came from the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, formed in Egypt prior to the Gallipoli Campaign during the First World War. The corps was the higher formation for all Australian and New Zealand soldiers. It then gave its name to ANZAC Cove, on the Gallipoli peninsula, and at first was only used to identify the men who took part in the Gallipoli landings, although it later came to mean "any Australian or New Zealand soldier of the First World War." Both the 'ANZAC' and the 'Anzac' versions of the acronym have been protected by the Commonwealth Government of Australia.

The acronym was used during the war by the I ANZAC Corps and the II ANZAC Corps in Egypt and later on the Western Front. Then there was the 1st (ANZAC) Wireless Signal Squadron, which served in the Mesopotamia Campaign. The Australian and New Zealand Mounted Division formed in March 1916 also made use of the acronym. The division's name was abbreviated to the A. & N. Z. Mounted Division, to the ANZAC Mounted Division, and to the Anzac Mounted Division by the Australian official history, and the New Zealand official history.

Also serving alongside the ANZAC Mounted Division in the Egyptian Expeditionary Force was the ANZAC Provost Police Corps, the 1st (ANZAC), 3rd (ANZAC), and 4th (ANZAC) Battalions, Imperial Camel Corps Brigade.

The acronym was not inclusive. One formation that had troops assigned from both Australia and New Zealand, during the war, and did not use it was the 5th Light Horse Brigade.

Usage examples of "anzac".

When an Anzac battalion under those hats went swinging along the road it seemed as if the men were taking the road along with them, such was their vigorous tread.

The Anzac in the campaigns at Gallipoli, the Dardanelles, and in Flanders served England with a loyalty and heroism not excelled by any other force.

As it was the British men of Anzac were temporarily driven back, retiring with terrible loss.

In this action the Anzac shone in a manner that can never be forgotten.

Egypt, the name Anzac is born out of circumstances less than romantic.

Soon afterwards, the clerks in ordnance take to identifying goods received by the initials Anzac, which soon enough becomes the accepted acronym.

Post, 400 Plateau, The Nek and what will, in time, become known as Anzac Cove.

The Anzac forces in the centre and the right, or southern, flank are increasingly being sucked into the left flank, thinking to reinforce the line where the fighting appears to be the fiercest.

They are fraternising with death, shaking hands with the shadows as the Anzac saying goes.

Light Horse regiments were called upon to take a position known as The Nek, a ridge about fifty yards wide at the Anzac front line and thirty yards or so at the Turkish trenches, so that any bayonet charge from our lines would have the effect of forcing troops into a bottleneck, concentrating their numbers for the Turkish machine guns and rifles.

The survivors of this particular campaign recently signed an affidavit testifying to the mass kidnapping at their Fiftieth Jubilee of the Anzac Landing.

Its members are those house-holders who have been privileged to have Anzac soldiers billeted on them.

His appearance, his whole bearing reminded me of Anzac Day and those pictures of floods of khaki wading ashore at Suvla Bay from old coal-burning troopships.

Willie told us he would be taking us to all the Legacy outings, and he also informed us that we would all have to take part in the Anzac Day march once a year.

The only rope that we knew of was on the flag the school hoisted every Anzac Day.