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Anza (singer)

or simply Anza (stylized as ANZA), is a Japanese singer and actress. She is best known as vocalist of the metal group Head Phones President and for playing Sailor Moon in thirteen separate musical productions. She was born to a Japanese father and a White South African mother.


Anza may refer to:

  • Anza, a neighborhood of Agadir, Morocco
  • Anza, California, a town in Riverside County
  • Anza, Imperial County, California
  • Anzá, Antioquia, a town in Colombia
  • Anza (river), a river in Piedmont, Italy
  • Anza (singer), a Japanese singer and actress
  • Anza (tribe), an Arab tribe
  • Anza (missile), a Pakistani-built surface-to-air missile
  • Anzah, a Palestinian village in the West Bank
  • Juan Bautista de Anza, a colonial Spanish explorer and governor of New Mexico
  • De Anza College, a community college in Cupertino, California
  • Numerous schools, streets, organizations, and businesses named "De Anza", mostly in California
  • ANZA, one of several Australia and New Zealand Associations, community organizations in different countries
  • Boscia senegalensis, an edible plant from western Africa
  • cross-legged sitting in Japanese, see Agura
Anza (missile)

Anza (عنزہ Anza) is a series of shoulder-fired, man-portable surface-to-air missiles produced by Pakistan. Guided by an infra-red homing seeker, Anza is used for low level air defence.

Anza is produced by Kahuta Research Laboratories (KRL), being one of the facility's main conventional weapons projects. Development was originally undertaken to eliminate dependence on importing expensive foreign systems. Various versions of the Anza are currently in service with the Pakistan Army, with the Mk-III version being the most recent. The Anza is also offered for export, Malaysia being its only known export customer after receiving 100 Anza Mk-I in 2002 and, later, a further 500 Anza Mk-II systems.

Anza (river)

The Anza is a Alpine torrent of the Ossola in northern Italy. It flows from the glaciers of Monte Rosa through the Valle Anzasca and into the river Toce, of which it is a right tributary.

Its own principal tributaries are the Pedriola, the Tambach, the Orlovono and the Quarazza near Macugnaga and the Olecchia at Bannio Anzino.