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Añua is a village in Elburgo municipality, in the province of Álava, Basque Country, Spain. The population of Añua was 31 inhabitants in 2007 but now the population has grown consequently. It is from the sea. A building that is in the small village is the nativity church which was built in the 13th century, because of this ancient monument many people from the localities nearby come to admire it. There are also some old houses with architectural interest, some of rural style and others more modern from the 16th century.

There is also a mill, which has a mythological story which is told every Saint John's Day to little kids. The story is about a man who worked in mill. One day it was raining so hard that he couldn't move from the mill because he was scared, but it also was too dangerous to stay there. So he called the “Galtzagorris”, which are some small mythological creatures that lived in the woods. These special creatures showed the miller the way home while they sang. Nowadays it is very common to see people from other villages coming to Añua to watch the show.

There are also some special celebrations during the night of Hallowe'en. This is prepared by the whole council.

The fiestas of the locality are the first weekend of September, the Nativity Day, which is the patroness of Añua.