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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Antre \An"tre\, n. [F. antre, L. antrum, fr. Gr. ?.] A cavern. [Obs.]


n. (context archaic English) Cavern; cave.

Usage examples of "antre".

Seeing him as she did, she turned from him and shunned his house as the antre of an ogre.

Thames, when the curtain of thick Egyptian darkness, if it were lifted for a moment, should show vast caverns and antres of tawny, fiery light, as it were the glow of a dying furnace.

She had stopped talking about the old Cannes days and had sat lingering in rapt silence as the White Hunter told of antres vast and deserts idle and of the cannibals that each other eat, the Anthropophagi, and men whose heads do grow beneath their shoulders.

He resembled Othello not only in his taste for antres vast and deserts idle but in his tendency, being wrought, to become perplexed in the extreme.

He turned out to be Antres 906, of course, the cultural attache‚.