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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ That debate antedated the disclosure of the contents of the present documents.
▪ They felt that the despair long antedated the neoplasms and that their becoming fatally ill merely confirmed what they already believed.
▪ This appears convincing since the decline in mortality rates antedated for the most part the advent of efficacious pills and surgical procedures.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Antedate \An"te*date`\ ([a^]n`t[-e]*d[=a]t`), n.

  1. Prior date; a date antecedent to another which is the actual date.

  2. Anticipation. [Obs.]


Antedate \An"te*date`\ ([a^]n`t[-e]*d[=a]t`), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Antedated; p. pr. & vb. n. Antedating.]

  1. To date before the true time; to assign to an earlier date;; thus, to antedate a deed or a bond is to give it a date anterior to the true time of its execution.

  2. To precede in time.

  3. To anticipate; to make before the true time.

    And antedate the bliss above.

    Who rather rose the day to antedate.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1580s, earlier as noun meaning "a backdating, false early date attached to a document or event" (1570s); from Latin ante "before" (see ante) + date (v.1). Related: Antedated; antedating.


n. 1 Prior date; a date antecedent to another which is the actual date. 2 (context obsolete English) anticipation vb. 1 To occur before an event or time; to exist further back in time 2 To assign a date to a document or action earlier than the actual date; to backdate

  1. v. be earlier in time; go back further; "Stone tools precede bronze tools" [syn: predate, precede, forego, antecede] [ant: postdate]

  2. establish something as being earlier relative to something else [syn: predate, foredate] [ant: postdate]

Usage examples of "antedate".

Certain memories are monuments, and my note about the Poseidon Moon, which antedates even my acquaintance with Larry, is a monument clearly implying that the gibbous Earth and the sealike Moon existed before I knew Larry, or the nuclear power industry, or Cindy, or anything this side of my first post-adolescent coming of consciousness, when that photo was first published.

The edifice was very old, antedating the general white settlement of the region, and had formed the home of a strange and secretive family named van der Heyl, which had migrated from Albany in 1746 under a curious cloud of witchcraft suspicion.

It is probable, however, that the tumuli of Ireland antedate the Danes thousands of years.

No doubt action upon material things, or action dictated by them, must proceed through the sensitive faculty which exists for that use: but why should there not be an immediate activity of the Intellectual-Principle and of the soul that attends it, the soul that antedates sensation or any perception?

The characters range between square Kufic, hardly antedating four centuries, and the cursive form of our day.

May I not assume, then, that the persecution of Jews is a thing which antedates Christianity and was not born of Christianity?

That dull, inglorious empire had antedated or outlived Venice and Genoa, Florence and Siena, the England of Cromwell, the Holland of the Stadtholders, and the France of many revolutions, and all the fleeting democracies which sprang from these.

They also went to the health officer, who likewise promised, in order to oblige Maitre Chicot, to antedate the death certificate.

Fools, especially snotty twits like the man who had superciliously informed him that slavery could not possibly antedate genetic science, he did not suffer gladly.

For clearly such tribal practices as cannibalism, torture, and female genital mutilation antedate modern times.

Omar Khayyam antedate the other two descriptions of him which have survived, written by contemporaries who knew him.

She antedated the baggie-dress, and was not afraid to show her contempt of the style.

May not likewise the Spanish maiz have antedated the time of Columbus, and borne testimony to early intercommunication between the people of the Old and New Worlds?

The Iron Age in Northern Europe far antedated intercourse with the Greeks or Romans.

He wondered how, if the Tangent antedated the Great Blow which was rumored to have, among other things, created the range they traveled, the road seemed to have been built over the mountains.