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alt. (en-past of: ante); (alternative spelling of anteed nocap=1 English) vb. (en-past of: ante); (alternative spelling of anteed nocap=1 English)

Usage examples of "anted".

Taraschi would know it, for an identical device -- implanted in a secure Canopy clinic -- was generating similar pulses in his own head.

In his time, the schism had been between those who wanted to study the Amarantin and those who wanted to terraform Resurgam, thereby establishing the world as a viable human colony rather than a temporary research outpost.

But what she wanted was the thing to herself, and Sajaki as far away from it as possible.

When I asked you the question I did so because I wanted to confirm an unverified record.

A remote destruct existed, but its use might have been construed by the Shroud as an act of aggression, something no one wanted to risk.

His familial connections guaranteed him an audience with Lascaille whenever he wanted -- provided he ignored Calvin's forebodings.

Khouri had known all along that the destination was Resurgam, of course -- but if the Ultras knew this was where she really wanted to go to, she would have been forced to use one of several cover stories to explain her motivations for visiting the backwater colony.

Khouri's objection to the implant was not on the grounds that it was risky or unnecessary, but rather that the last person she wanted in her head on a daily basis was the Mademoiselle.

Some of us wanted to use boser torches to cut a few secondary tunnels in to make the job easier, but we never went that far.

In the three weeks since the woman had been snared -- or recruited, if one wanted to be polite about it -- Volyova had administered a complex regimen of loyalty-altering therapies.

If she had sense she would have realised by now that Volyova had invested too much time in her simply to kill her -- but on the other hand, the woman's military training on Sky's Edge must have taught her to take absolutely nothing for granted.

He swaggered around the table and decanted measures of wine into both glasses.

The volume was tiny -- no more than a tenth of one per cent of the brain's mass -- but the transplanted cells carried the indelible impression of their last host: ghost threads of holographically distributed memory and personality.

Remove the shrouding, and the pinhead itself is tiny enough to be implanted in a tooth.

All it warranted in the ship's database was a line of comment and a scrawl of terse numerics.