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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ant- \Ant-\ See Anti-, prefix.


pre. {{non-gloss definition|A variant form of (term anti- English) used before a vowel.}}

Usage examples of "ant-".

In some respects the Mademoiselle -- or rather, her implant-distilled persona -- seemed omniscient.

  The plant-mass babilia, unique to the fastness and ubiquitous within it, coated all but the smoothest of vertical surfaces with tumescent hanging forests of lime-green, royal blue and pale, rusty orange.

  It was fairly common for those in the first inflationary rush of infatuation, lust or love to embrace almost exclusively the inner voicelessness of implant-articulation in preference to the somehow physically off-putting and clumsy medium of normal speech, and although Pieter did not think Lucia jealous of their guest - any more than Gil seemed able to spare the girl more than the most cursory attention - she did seem to resent both the simple distraction she represented and the fact Pieter had suggested they communicate by speech in deference to the girl's seeming total lack of implants.