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Anstey may refer to:

Anstey (surname)

Anstey is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Brendel Anstey, English footballer who played for Aston Villa and Leicester City
  • Bruce Anstey, New Zealand motorcycle racer
  • Chris Anstey, Australian basketball player
  • Christopher Anstey, English writer and poet (1724–1805)
  • Edgar Anstey (1907-1987), English film maker
  • F. Anstey pseodonym for Thomas Anstey Guthrie (1856–1934), was an English novelist and journalist, who wrote his comic novels under the pseudonym F. Anstey.
  • Frank Anstey, Australian politician in both the Victorian and Commonwealth parliaments
  • George Alexander Anstey (1814–1895), South Australian viticulturist and Member of Parliament.
  • Harry Anstey, Australian prospector and politician
  • Nigel Anstey, British geophysicist
  • Thomas Chisholm Anstey, British parliamentarian, lawyer and second Attorney General of Hong Kong