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n. (plural of ansible English)

Usage examples of "ansibles".

Three such organizations had relevant notations and had not shown up on any ansible listing since the Sabine ansibles went out.

ISC gets ansibles up and running, so the best we can do is stay sane until she shows up wondering why we worried.

And it was all the comfort he had, or was going to get, until the ansibles were back up.

If we have someone who used to cobble together ansibles out of paper clips and moly wire, or counterfeit some currency, I want to know it.

It was possible to link ansibles to scan and get an almost-instantaneous scan of an entire system, but that took the ansibles off-line for other uses.

Best, a fairly new organization, had taken its entire fleet and personnel into jumpspace from Matlock seventeen days before the Sabine ansibles went out.

They had an unwritten but generally known policy that allowed combatants to fight over control of communications without actually damaging the ansibles or their platforms, with ISC committing to cooperation with the victor.

Had Mackensee blown the ansibles, or had someone else done it, to downgrade Mackensee or simply to get ISC attention?

Overcharging monopolistic pirates they may be, but what they do is essential, and what they do to people who bother their ansibles is .

One-channel ansibles, tuned to the repair ship, could not be detected by other ships unless they knew the code.

I can hardly wait for the ansibles to get back up so I can check that out.

Arlen Becker had the watch, and one of his operations had disappeared when the Sabine ansibles went down.

ISC of that at once when you heard the ansibles were blown, and you knew you had a force insystem?

You will have realized that they were quite concerned when they learned that you were in this system when the ansibles went out.

Then we also need to know what, if anything, you knew about the plot to blow up the ansibles before you left this station.