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Anse is a commune in the Rhône department in eastern France.

It is situated on the river Saône, approx. 7 km south of Villefranche-sur-Saône (near Lyon).

Usage examples of "anse".

It was the big Swedish lieutenant whom Anse had seen with Kagg several times.

No down-time army that Anse was familiar with used the same tight and clear system of ranks that up-time armies did.

The town was already jammed with immigrants, and people were starting to build on hillside areas that Anse himself thought were questionable at best.

Gaylynn a mug of coffee, Henry waved Anse to the side for a private word.

But the heavy winter clothing she was wearing could have easily concealed a small handgun, and Anse was beginning to suspect that Noelle Murphy was someone who was often full of surprises.

Unlike Anse himself, the Swedish officer was obviously an expert horseman.

There were no incidents, as Anse expected given their proximity to the town.

So strongly, in fact, that Anse involuntarily looked down at her hands, holding the reins.

Now that Anse had established his authority, he thought about the problem itself.

What the merchants and other legitimate business travelers who used the road during the day would make of it was another problem, Anse thought.

Rau called out that they were a party of the New US Army escorting two civilians to Suhl, Anse eased back until he was beside the wagon.

Sergeant Chehab and his party depart, Anse saw that most of the home owners had painted red and white stripes on their doors to show their allegiance to the government in Grantville.

The bullet made a wheeting sound as it passed between Anse and the captain.

Jochen took turns and soon had the shallow graves dug, while Anse and Ivarsson gathered some rocks to cover them.

Suhl, a little after noon, Anse was surprised by the size of the city.