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Ansan is a city in Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. It lies southwest of Seoul, and is part of the Seoul National Capital Area. It is connected to Seoul by rail via Seoul Subway Line 4. Ansan is situated on the Yellow Sea coast and some islands lie within its jurisdiction. The largest and best-known of these is Daebu Island. Several higher learning institutions are located in Ansan. They include Ansan University, Ansan College of Technology, Seoul Institute of the Arts, and the ERICA campus of Hanyang University. The Korea Transportation Safety Authority, a government agency, is also headquartered in Ansan on June 3, 2002. With its high number of foreign workers, Wongokbon-dong has been designated a multicultural area.

Ansan (disambiguation)

Ansan may refer to:

  • Ansan, a city in Gyeonggi Province, South Korea
  • Ansan (Gangwon), a mountain in Gangwon Province, South Korea
  • Ansan, Gers, a commune of the Gers département, in France
Ansan (Gangwon)

Ansan is a mountain in the county of Inje, Gangwon-do in South Korea. It is in the north-western area of Seoraksan National Park. It has an elevation of .

Ansan (karate)

is a karate kata with uncertain origin. It may have originated from either the Tomari-te style or the Naha-te style and is also known as Yantsu. It is a bunkai form practiced mainly in the Shito-ryu and Kyokushin schools.