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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ansa \An"sa\ ([a^]n"s[.a]), n.; pl. Ans[ae] ([a^]n"s[=ae]). [L., a handle.] (Astron.) A name given to either of the projecting ends of Saturn's ring.


n. (context astronomy English) the most protruding part of planetary rings as seen from distance


Ansa (Latin for "handle") or ANSA may refer to:

Ansa (Hinduism)

Ansa is a deity in Hinduism and one of the Ādityas, -a group of celestial deities that populate the sky with their parents Kashyap and Aditi. He is a solar deity.

Usage examples of "ansa".

Reaching home after the flight from New Orleans, Sarchi grabbed her neuro anatomy text and read about the ansa lenticularis, the fiber bundle Latham was going to sever to treat Drew.

If two kids have the same disorder, and one can be cured by a lesion in the ansa lenticularis, it follows that the other would require a lesion in the same place.

In her case, in addition to severing the fibers of the ansa, it was necessary to ablate some cells in the substantia nigra that were sending out conflicting signals.

While Fastrada was glaring at Lady Adalhaid, and the other ladies-in-waiting were huddled together as if they feared the queens displeasure would be visited on them, Lady Ansa made a quick, surreptitious gesture, pointing to a pile of green and blue pillows.

Gina looked in the direction Lady Ansa indicated and saw a bit of carved wood sticking out from beneath the bottom pillow.

Lady Ansa grabbed one that had rolled across the room and tossed it to Gina, who grinned her thanks.

There were no messages on my ansa phone but the postman had made a delivery.

Not so the ansa phone It still has the power to raise a minute thrill of expectancy as you press the replay button.

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He wants a visible image to fix his thought, a scarabee or a crux ansata, or the modern symbols which are to our own time what these were to the ancient Egyptians.

Master Sean had prowled round the room with his eyes half closed, his golden crux ansata in his right hand, probing everywhere.

Fastened to the wall above it was an ancient ankh or crux ansata, the Egyptian cross with looped top, symbolizing procreation and life.

Their key symbol was the looped cross of ancient Egypt, the crux ansata -- the sign of life.

Bernie Kornblum had been killed, shot by an Ansata terrorist who was attempting to blow up the ship, and everyone had believed Data to be dead as well, though that turned out to be a ruse.

Shelliak, Romulans, Ansata terrorists, Gomtuu, Tallarians, two-dimensional creatures, and more spatial anomalies than she could shake a stick at, not to mention regular visits from Q, Sonya began to grow weary of it.