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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Anotta \A*not"ta\, n. See Annotto.


n. annatto, a dye

Usage examples of "anotta".

Turmeric, saffron, anotta, are about the only representatives, and these are not of much importance in wool dyeing by themselves, although they are sometimes used in conjunction with other natural dye-stuffs, when they are applied by a process which is adapted more especially for the other dye-stuff which is used.

In one poisonous sample which it fell to my lot to investigate, the evil had been caused by the sophistication of the anotta, employed for colouring cheese.

In the instance now alluded to, and probably in all other cases, the deleterious mixture had been caused ignorantly, by the adulteration of the anotta employed for colouring the cheese.

London dealer to the farmer who manufactured the cheese: he declared that he had bought the anotta of a mercantile traveller, who had supplied him and his neighbours for years with that commodity, without giving occasion to a single complaint.

On subsequent inquiries, through a circuitous channel, unnecessary to be detailed here at length, on the part of the manufacturer of the cheese, it was found, that as the supplies of anotta had been defective and of inferior quality, recourse had been had to the expedient of colouring the commodity with vermilion.