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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Anorexia \An`o*rex"i*a\, Anorexy \An"o*rex`y\n. [Gr. ?; 'an priv. + ? desire, appetite, ? desire.] (Med.) Want of appetite, without a loathing of food.


n. (archaic form of anorexia English)

Usage examples of "anorexy".

What they eat, for example, and their way of eating it - the noise, the open-mouthed champing, the primitive gestures, the borborygms, the belching, the roaring jocularity, the - I will spare you many aspects, but I assure you that to an educated man, who has no very robust vital principle, who knows nothing of the sea except perhaps the Dover packet, who has lived retired, and who has been much reduced by unhappiness, all these things together can bring about a morbid state, an anorexy.