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Anor is a commune in the Nord department in northern France. It lies about forty kilometres (twenty-five miles) south-south-east of Maubeuge.

Usage examples of "anor".

Executor Nom Anor toyed idly with a sacworm of dragweed broth while he waited for the shaper drone to finish its report.

Nom Anor reflected idly how well some of those intricately scarified designs would look on his own face.

Nom Anor could only imagine: to know, beyond the possibility of doubt, that the True Gods stood at his shoulder, guiding his hand in Their service.

Nom Anor shrugged and smiled amiably: gestures he had learned from his impersonations of the human species.

Nom Anor studied this image with a certain satisfaction, as did Vergere, who crouched on the chamber floor beyond the viewspider.

Nom Anor leaned back, and folded his long, bony fingers across his chest.

Nom Anor shifted his weight forward, resting his chin on his knuckles as he stared into the optical jelly.

And meanwhile, Nom Anor made a mental note to have his coralcraft fed, groomed, and prepped for sudden takeoff.

Abruptly, Nom Anor reached into a head-sized bubble-den in the wall near his knee and grabbed a villip.

Instantly Nom Anor mastered himself again, wiping his lipless mouth with the back of his wrist.

Nom Anor frowned at this, uncomprehending, until a thick twist of black, greasy-looking smoke drifted through the image.

The other warrior kept running headlong, fleeing without a backward glance, and Nom Anor soon discovered what the warrior fled from: a limping, snarling, shouting mob, bearing a variety of improvised weapons, from spade rays to malledillos to writhing wild amphistaffs as much a danger to their wielder as to an enemy, which descended upon the hamstrung warrior to beat and chop him to death with savage triumph.

Executor Nom Anor ran for his coralcraft as though pursued by krayt dragons.

On the far side of the dwarf viewspider, Executor Nom Anor brandished his imperturbable needle-toothed smile.

Nom Anor leaned forward, opening his hands, the perfect image of friendly reasonability.