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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Anona \A*no"na\, n. [NL. Cf. Ananas.] (Bot.) A genus of tropical or subtropical plants of the natural order Anonace[ae], including the soursop.

Anona (song)

"Anona" is a popular song written by Vivian Grey (pseudonym for Mabel McKinley, niece of William McKinley) in 1903, both as an intermezzo and a vocal number. Popular in its day, it was recorded a number of times.


Anona may refer to:

  • Anona, Ecuador
  • "Anona" (song), a popular song written by Vivian Grey
  • Anona Winn, Australian-born actress, broadcaster and singer
  • Degree of Anona a youth group attached to the Degree of Pocahontas

Usage examples of "anona".

Ace reporters Anona Geier and Walter Hall smith will bring to our readers the whole story of this historic trial.

Danlo well knew, if Old Earth still existed it must lay some eight thousand light-years coreward along the Orion Arm, in the spaces near Sahasrara and Anona Luz.