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n. (context organic chemistry English) Any diastereoisomer of a sugar or derivative differing in configuration only at C-1 of an aldose or C-2 of a ketose.


An anomer is a type of stereoisomer and epimer found in carbohydrate chemistry. While an epimer is a stereoisomer that differs in configuration at any single stereogenic center, an anomer is a cyclic saccharide and an epimer that differs in configuration, specifically at the hemiacetal/ acetal carbon, also called the anomeric carbon. The anomeric carbon is the carbon derived from the carbonyl carbon (the ketone or aldehyde functional group) of the open-chain form of the carbohydrate molecule. Anomerization is the process of conversion of one anomer to the other.

Usage examples of "anomer".

They clattered up a remarkably human-scaled ladder, passed through anomer long corridor, and ended up at a door prominently marked with a cursive "ggollloppgggU.