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Anomalon is also the type genus of the ichneumon-wasp subfamily Anomaloninae.. See Anomalon.

In physics, an anomalon is a hypothetical type of nuclear matter that shows an anomalously large reactive cross section. They were first noticed in experimental runs in the early 1980s as short tracks in film emulsions or plastic leaf detectors connected to medium-energy particle accelerators. The direction of the tracks demonstrated that they were the results of reactions taking place within the accelerator targets, but they stopped so quickly in the detectors that no obvious explanation for their behavior could be offered. A flurry of theoretical explanations followed, but over time a series of follow-up experiments failed to find strong evidence for the anomalons, and active study of the topic largely ended by the late 1980s.

Anomalon (genus)

Anomalon is a genus of parasitic wasps belonging to the family Ichneumonidae.

These wasps are present in most of Europe, in the Near East, in North Africa and in Oriental ecozone.