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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Anolis \A*no"lis\, prop. n. [In the Antilles, anoli, anoalli, a lizard.] (Zo["o]l.) A genus of lizards which belong to the family Iguanid[ae]. They take the place in the New World of the chameleons in the Old, and in America are often called chameleons.


Anolis, or anoles, is a genus of iguanian (anole) lizards belonging to the family Dactyloidae. With 391 species, Anolis represents the world's most species-rich amniote tetrapod genus.

Usage examples of "anolis".

The Cuban anolis is one of a large family of lizards, all of which are confined to America and the West Indian islands.

At first sight we should be inclined to think that these little swellings near the tips of the toes would be rather an inconvenience to the anolis, by impeding its movements.

They act to some extent as suckers, and enable the anolis to climb the perpendicular faces of rocks, or even to hang from the under side of a branch.

The loss of his tail is a great blow to the vanquished anolis, for he seems to have a great pride in it.

It has many resemblances to the anolis just described, being small, slender, and active.