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Anokhin is a common Russian surname. Notable people having this surname include:

  • Andrey Victorovitch Anokhin (1867–1931) Russian ethnographer, musical scientist and composer
  • Maksim Olegovich Anokhin (Limewax; born 1988), Ukrainian musician
  • Mikhail Sergeyevich Anokhin (born 1989), Russian football player
  • Nikolay Yuryevich Anokhin (born 1966), Russian artist
  • Pyotr Kuzmich Anokhin (1898–1974), Russian biologist and physiologist
  • Sergei Anokhin (disambiguation)
    • Sergei Nikolayevich Anokhin (born 1981), Russian football player
    • Sergei Nikolaevich Anokhin (1910–1986), Russian test pilot