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The Collaborative International Dictionary

anodize \anodize\ v. 1. to coat a metal with an oxide coat by electrolytic action at an anode; -- used especially to coat aluminum. [WordNet 1.5] ||

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1931, from anode + -ize. Related: Anodized; anodizing.


alt. to coat the surface of a metal electrolytically with an oxide, either as protection or decoration vb. to coat the surface of a metal electrolytically with an oxide, either as protection or decoration


v. coat a metal with an oxide coat [syn: anodise]

Usage examples of "anodize".

Now it was a beautiful machine made of an amalgam of anodized aluminum and glowing chrome.

The tiniest sample of this or that item can be placed inside a miniature casing of anodized metal, which in turn is fitted into a given card and taken to a given place.

The walls of the tank were thick plates of anodized metal riveted into a sturdy configuration, framing wide glass panes reinforced with wire mesh.

He crossed the street to the candy store tucked in at 77 Water, red and yellow awning, a homey footnote to the mass of steel and anodized aluminum.

Han saw - much to his initial bafflement - that the ship was in fact an old Corellian corvette, though heavily modified and anodized a non-reflective black.

In making the bike, Yoke tweaked the stored realware so that the frame had anodized gold cowry-shell patterns on top of the titanium.

Move south, calmly and in all haste, toward some border metropolis Rome NNY or Glens Falls NNY or Beverly MA, say, or those bordered points between them at which the giant protective ATHSCME fans atop the hugely convex protective walls of anodized Lucite hold off the drooling and piss-colored bank of teratogenic Concavity clouds and move the bank well back, north, away, jaggedly, over your protected head.

Lucien, with the big broom in one hand and the thread-webbed Colt in the other, tries to cover his little-stepped flight with a thunderous shot that goes high and shatters an angled full-length planar door-mirror, spraying anodized glass and replacing the reflection of a blanket-lapped A.

Its body was of black anodized aluminum, tapering from four feet wide at the base to two feet at the top, where video and audio scanners sprouted from a plastic dome.

It was a flat square of reinforced cermet, about four inches on a side, anodized flat white on one surface, and gleaming gold on the other.

Not very much, but the dark anodizing would hopefully camouflage the ship against the river’s bottom.

One of the pressure fittings was flawed -- a hairline crack where a pipe connection had been welded into a flange and then left in anodizing solution too long, they said.