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det. (context Jamaica English) eye-dialect spelling of another


Anoda is a genus of flowering plants in the mallow family. There are 23 or 24 species of these herbs, most native to Mexico and South America. They are generally erect plants with a variety of leaf shapes, and many bear colorful flowers. Most bear distinctive disk-shaped segmented fruits.

Selected species:

  • Anoda abutiloides - Indian anoda
  • Anoda crenatiflora - thicket anoda
  • Anoda cristata - crested anoda, spurred anoda, violeta del campo
  • Anoda lanceolata - lanceleaf anoda
  • Anoda pentaschista - field anoda
  • Anoda reticulata - netted anoda
  • Anoda thurberi - Arizona anoda

Usage examples of "anoda".

There are, however, some strong exceptions to this rule, as the cotyledons of Gossypium, Anoda and Ipomoea do not possess pulvini, yet continue to move and to grow for a long time.

Although the downward movement cannot be attributed to the weight of the cotyledons in the several cases which were investigated, namely, in those of the Anoda, Ipomoea purpurea and bonanox, nor in that of I.