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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Anobium is a genus of beetles in the family Anobiidae. The name Anobium comes from the Greek for "lifeless", inspired by the beetles' habit of playing dead when disturbed.

Most species eat wood and wood products. The common furniture beetle (A. punctatum) is known for damaging books.

Several fossil beetles of this genus have been described from the Green River Formation and from Baltic amber.

Extant species include:

  • Anobium alexandri
  • Anobium costatum
  • Anobium cymoreki
  • Anobium emerginatum
  • Anobium fulvicorne
  • Anobium hederae
  • Anobium inexspectatum
  • Anobium nitidum
  • Anobium pertinax
  • Anobium punctatum – common furniture beetle
  • Anobium rufipenne
  • Anobium striatum
  • Anobium ussuriensis

Usage examples of "anobium".

Did the fact that he knew nothing what­soever about the breeding habits of Anobium punctatum prove that he had been a woodworm eradicator?