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Suicides go out tenth storey windows and off the Verranzano- Narrows Bridge like confetti at an astronaut’s parade down Fifth Avenue.

There were perhaps a dozen folks, including Sheb the piano-player and Barkie the bouncer, sleeping it off.

Coral said, then turned a bloodshot eye on Sheb, who had been sitting on his piano-bench and leafing through old sheet-music.

And when Sheb sat down at his piano-bench and struck a chord, Depape jerked in that direc­tion, one hand dropping to the butt of his gun.

Most of what she saw was small and demeaning stuff—masturbating boys peeking through knotholes at their undressed sisters, wives going through husbands' pockets, looking for extra money or tobacco, Sheb the piano-player licking the seat of the chair where his favorite whore had sat for awhile, a maid at Seafront spitting into Kimba Rimer's pillowcase after the Chancellor had kicked her for being slow in getting out of his way.

Sheb, who would be happy to go on drawing breath for another thousand years if the gods so allowed, quit his piano-bench at once, and went to the bar to help Stanley and Pettie the Trotter serve up the booze.