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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ani \A"ni\or ||Ano \A"no\, n. [Native name.] (Zo["o]l.) A black bird of tropical America, the West Indies and Florida ( Crotophaga ani), allied to the cuckoos, having a compressed, bladelike bill and remarkable for communistic nesting. [1913 Webster] ||


Ano or ANO may refer to:

  • Abu Nidal Organization, Palestinian Revolutionary Council, founded by Abu Nidal
  • Akhurian River, also Ano Jur
  • Alliance of the New Citizen, a political party of Slovakia
  • Action of Dissatisfied Citizens, a Czech political party
  • Arkansas Nuclear One, a nuclear power plant near Russellville, Arkansas
  • An abbreviation of A. N. Other, a placeholder name or pseudonym used by a person wishing to be anonymous
  • Anoctamins, a calcium-activated chloride channel family
  • ANO 2011, a Czech political party

Usage examples of "ano".

Iraq continues to provide a home for ANO, the Palestine Liberation Front, the May 15 Organization, and other old-time Palestinian rejectionists, but they have largely been prevented from conducting operations for more than fifteen years.

Advise immediate return to effect such minor repairs which cou0 totally Damage entire hydroponics ano grazings if not maae.